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How to block numbers / calls on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The blue model writes in yellow, the other two write in purple and copper, and the black Note 9 writes in white. However, if you're not a fan, you can jump into the S Pen settings to turn this off. You're not limited to just writing and navigating with the Note 9's S Pen. You can also use the button as a remote to do different things in different apps.

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For example, pause and play a YouTube video. You can also take a remote photo, control a presentation, skip musical tracks and advance a photo slideshow. Here, a press of the button takes a photo. If your screen times out while you're holding the S Pen, you can opt to unlock it with a click. This one's not new to Note phones, but a good one to remember.

Use Find My Mobile to find a lost Samsung Galaxy device - CNET

You can add shortcuts to this handy wheel, and completely customize which apps you open and where on the wheel they live. You can access it from the Air Command wheel and through the Samsung Messages app.

They'll work with any sharing platform that supports GIFs. I'm not personally a fan , but it's here if you want it. Samsung rolled this one out for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 , but it's still an underutilized feature that has its moments of extreme handiness. First, get a video playing. Then open Smart Select from the Air Command wheel. Next, select Animated GIF Press Record and stop when you're done.

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You can pause, play and scrub along the video before recording, so you can get the scene you want. If you get started on a note and need to duck out to do something else, you can come back to it by turning it and many other apps into a floating icon that you can move around the screen. For example, after composing a new note through a shortcut setting, click the icon to minimize the window into the icon you see.

Tap to revive. Not a new feature, but one worth the memory jog.

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If you press and hold on the S Pen button while quickly double-tapping any screen, a composition window appears for you to write a new note. You may not have also been aware you can pin a note to the always-on display.

Find My Mobile On Samsung [Tutorial]

Benefit: It's there at a glance and you can delete it when you're done. Handy for shopping lists.

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On top of location and tracking, factory reset, ringing the device even if it is on silent and more can be done through these services. Make sure that the internet service should be switched on phone.

The power is in the pen

Also, you need to have your Google account credentials with you to locate your phone. Follow the simple steps below. Step 2 — Once installed, sign-in with your Google account and grant it complete permissions. Step 4 — Make sure that you login with same Google account which you have used on your Galaxy Note 9. Step 5 — Once you have logged in, Google will show you a map with the location of your phone. You can see it as a really good option to track your Galaxy Note 9.

Along with tracking, you can also erase the date from your phone. Further, you can retrieve the logs of your phone.