Monitoring cell phone data usage

Perhaps you want to see a daily rundown of your data usage and what was using it rather than a general summary over a monthly period. If data usage tracking is big for you, here are some apps to make finding data-munchers much easier.

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Once installed, My Data Manager will keep track of all the data you use. You can see how much data each app used that day on the main screen, or scroll through the Apps menu to see a day-by-day history of how each app is doing. My Data Manager also places a status bar in the notifications area so you can track usage as it happens, but this can be turned off if you find it annoying.

1. My Data Manager

It can also track 4G and WiFi data usage. Featured within the app is a real-time graph to see how your data is being used by apps as it happens.

  • These are all the ways you can save data and monitor your data usage.
  • Five mobile data usage tracking and monitoring apps for Android.
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You can set up a plan and let 3G Watchdog report on how far through your plan you are. Data Usage for Android. Data Usage for iOS. Key features include:. Take control of your data with the My Data Manager app on your mobile device.

Five mobile data usage tracking and monitoring apps for Android

Use the app every day to track how much data you are using and to receive alerts before you fly past your data limit. One thing to take particular note of is the embedded VPN. Not only does this introduce data and privacy risks, but there are several user complaints about the VPN.

Use the app to:. It works best with recent or unlimited plans.

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Monitor Data and Set Usage Alerts on the MyRogers App

Align the app to your service contract. Notification system for overage risk.

Checking your data on iOS 8/9/10

The iPhone's Settings app contains a Cellular screen that gives an indication of usage. You can find out how many minutes you're using by logging into your wireless provider's website and checking your account details. Many providers have the option to sign up for text alerts as you approach your data limit. Share Pin Email. It identifies which apps use the most data and has alerts to notify you before you run out of data.