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Your incognito mode helps us to solve a lot of problems with our son.

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Thanks a lot for the app! We were surprised finding kidlogger in web.

Your app became very useful for our family. I recommend it to all our friends with children. With this article, we open a series of articles about how operating system You launch Skype applicaiton, but it starts working and immediately closes Before installing the KidLogger application, it is necessary to perform so There are always bosses that use such spying functionality as screenshots capturing or keystrokes recording.

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The reason is usually a poor management that is oriented on micromanagement. Based on our experience we can say that the bigger the company you work for or department is, the less there is a chance for you to be spied on. Because spying requires recording of pretty large volume of information. Also it is a pretty time consuming to analyze the spying results. Besides, spying practices might lead to legal problems that is why serious companies, especially the ones that have legal departments would not apply spying functionality.

Spying practices are most common among small companies where the bosses think they could improve their business by spying on every movement of their employees. They often take their laptops at home or in business trips, so employees have laptops with them not only during business hours but also out of working time.

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And employees do not want such information to be uncovered. That is why they start to worry more about whether they are being spied on.

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If your spouse has an access to your computer, then yes, there is a possibility to install spying software on your computer. The only difference: your employer does not have access to your personal home computer, so no spying software can be installed on your home computer for sure, unless you grand the access to your employer.

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Spying might be used for investigation purposes. It really depends on the case and on the organization you work for. In case of investigating something on your computer there must be legal reasons for that. Not always, but it is possible. If you are concerned about being spied on, you can use software for detecting spying processes on your computer. And remember, no one is allowed to spy on your personal information, on your computer. Except the investigation cases, anyone must get your consent in order to spy on your computer.

Spy Software There is one more problem with hardware keyloggers: all of them can be operated from the keyboard of the monitored computer.

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So, if the user accidentally types the word used as a password for your keylogger, the gadget will readily disclose its presence. The situation is different with keylogger software. If properly coded, this spy software is absolutely impossible to detect, unless someone knows exactly what he is looking for. As its name implies, Home Keylogger is software for the home market and it differs from typical spy software in two important features: it's absolutely free and it doesn't hide from the user.

As most keyloggers, Home Keylogger is a tiny program - any spy software has to be small and fast in order to be inconspicuous. The program is not essentially a spy software, it is intended primarily for those users, who want to protect themselves from system failures: the program immediately saves all keystrokes to a text file, enabling you to restore everything you type in case of a Windows error you can also quickly restore the text that you typed and then deleted.

When you run Home Keylogger, it places its icon in the system tray and starts monitoring the keyboard input. Double-clicking the Home Keylogger system tray icon displays the text file to which all the typed text has been saved. If you want, you can hide the program's icon by pressing a certain key combination.