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View full description. Microsoft Word Microsoft's latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements. Microsoft Office The quintessential productivity suite. Microsoft Excel Smarter and easier workbooks. Download Employee Desktop Live Viewer Download for Windows.

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User reviews about Employee Desktop Live Viewer. More reviewed onJune 23, More reviewed onJune 15, More reviewed onJune 26, Generate easy-to-read top 10 reports and graphs detailing frequent application, website, file usage, and more. Realtime-Spy offers cloud-based centralized computer management, allowing you to quickly view activities occurring on all of your computers at once, or individually by computer.

View all activity from anywhere, at any time. Realtime-Spy's computer activity overview provides a comprehensive activity summary that allows you to see how active each computer has been, along with what apps and websites are most used, what user is most active, and more. Realtime-Spy captures all user activities for viewing in real-time - from keystrokes and file usage, to screenshots and website activity. All logs are organized into easy-to-read, searchable, sortable activity reports.

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Realtime-Spy offers a large array of graphical Top 10 reports that provide easy access to seeing what users are most active and idle, what websites and pages are visited the most, what programs are used most and for how long, most popular files, internet connections, and more. Realtime-Spy can be configured to watch for specific keywords. If the user of your computer types a watched keyword, or interacts with it in an application or website, you can receive an instant notification via email.

Triggered alerts are logged for viewing at any time. Realtime-Spy can be used by parents to monitor their children and put their mind at ease. See who your children are talking to, what they are typing, what websites they visit, what games they play, and know exactly how long they are doing so! Parents can monitor their children from their workplace , or any other location where they have an internet connection and a device with a web-browser.

Logs are updated in real-time so parents can react instantly to unwanted behavior.

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Realtime-Spy can be deployed over a corporate or institutional network in seconds, allowing for easy centralized log viewing via the Realtime-Spy webspace. All the network administrator has to do is point and click different computers to view their activities! No physical presence is needed to monitor employees! Network administrators can monitor multiple large networks from one convenient, secure location that is accessible anywhere! Let me say that this has been a wonderful piece of software.

In the few days the small business I work for has had it in place on a few select PCs, we've monitored several incidents of users installing or trying to install unauthorized software on our business PCs. Thank you for a great software package. If you have a question or problem contact us at any time. We also offer free real-time remote assistance and can setup and install Realtime-Spy for you.

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Always Up To Date. Purchase Realtime-Spy today and never have to purchase upgrades in the future. Now that the installation has been done successfully, you will finally discover the truth. Open your control interface on the PC spy software , and start viewing the recordings of the activity and the keyboard, but also make remote screenshots, take photos with the webcam, or make audio recordings: almost anything is possible with FIREWORLD Controller.

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  6. But you can also hack passwords remotely , thanks to the PassW tool whose job it is to recover them from web browsers, or even make remote screenshots. What functions does this spy software possess? Parental supervision can also be achieved by the function designed for spying on real-time activity , to know immediately what your wayward or disobedient teenage children are up to.

    In addition, the remote control function without permission enables you to send a wide variety of commands, providing a full range of functions, such as sending messages remotely , blocking the mouse, opening URLs, etc. Toggle navigation. A PC spy software program to monitor a computer.

    A PC spy software free of charge! So, have we convinced you?